8 month baby milestones : Forest baby room.

8 Month Baby Milestones

8 month baby milestones

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8 month baby milestones - C.R. Gibson

C.R. Gibson First Year Calendar, Zoom Zoom

C.R. Gibson First Year Calendar, Zoom Zoom

C.R. Gibson First Year Calendar, Zoom Zoom
Record the events of your baby's first year with an archival quality acid-free and lignin free calendar from CR Gibson's Zoom Zoom Collection. Fully illustrated calendar has space to record activities and memories, and comes complete with decorative stickers to easily record milestones. Zoom Zoom features race cars, planes and trains in primary colors throughout the calendar. When open the calendar is 11" x 18" . For almost 140 years, starting with the creation of the very first baby book in 1898, families around the world have depended on C.R. Gibson as their number one provider of products that celebrate life's most cherished moments. Understanding the importance of preservation and craftsmanship, CR Gibson products offer a tradition of excellent and quality. CR Gibson's commitment to excellence can also be seen in their commitment to design. CR Gibson sets a standard for style that reflects today's top fashions while creating a timeless treasured keepsake.

Features include:

•11"x 18"when open, the baby's first year calendar is a convenient way to record important event and milestones of baby's first 12 months
•Decorative pages and stickers provide special and easy way to remember baby's milestones
•From the zoom zoom collection, calendar is decorated with race cars, trains and planes in vibrant hues
•Calendar is acid-free and lignin-free to create a keepsake you can treasure forever
•CR Gibson has been preserving family memories for 140 years, and no memory is as special as that of our children

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Lukas @ 8 months (and a few more days)

Lukas @ 8 months (and a few more days)

Belated milestones for Lukas' 8-month birthday:

- Lukas seems to be growing everyday and somehow feels like a big baby, even though he's quite average in size. We'll post numbers after his next doctor's appointment.
- Lukas is now an expert commando crawler and can occasionally crawl on his hands and knees. He's amazingly quick and demands nearly constant supervision (he's been "attacked" by our evergreen at the front door at least 3 times now).
- He's singlemindedly strong-willed and stubborn when he sees something he wants to play with.
- Eats very well but is very easily distracted by those around him.
- Loves sticking out his tongue, blowing spit bubbles, and making raspberries!
- Moves so much we have to "wedge" him in his crib (with towels on either side) to help restrain him so he'll fall asleep!



15 Months Old!!!

She looks so grown up in this photo!!!
Her Milestones...

* Is walking like a champion now. Still looses balance sometimes but also tried to run already
* Climbs on everything!
* Lets us know what she wants by grunting. She gets louder and louder the warmer we get to the object
* LOVES her Sister, Mummy and Daddy
* Babbles away Constantly and is saying more and more words.
* Loves to play with other kids and is now one of the 'big kids'
* Plays so well with Libby
* Says "hi" to every person we walk past
* Knows what sound a dog, cow and duck make. She is really interested in animals
* Has heaps of teeth! The molars all just popped out of no where one day!
* Loves Babies. Points out "bubba's" all the time
* She's determined and does not give up easily

8 month baby milestones

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