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Free baby photo. Baby 6 months feeding. Fisher price baby toy.

Free Baby Photo

free baby photo

    baby photo
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free baby photo - C.R. Gibson

C.R. Gibson Slim Bound Journal Album for Photos, Happi Baby Girl

C.R. Gibson Slim Bound Journal Album for Photos, Happi Baby Girl

C.R. Gibson Slim Bound Journal Album for Photos, Happi Baby Girl
This adorable Happi baby Girl Slim Bound Photo Journal Album features ribbons, buttons and die cut windows. Check out the complete line of Denas Happi Baby Girl. C.R. Gibson proudly offers Cathy Heck baby gifts for all the phases of baby's life and every milestone along the way. When memories matter you can count on C.R. Gibson to have all you need.

Features include:

•Design-coordinated interior includes plenty of space for journaling
•Slim bound photo journal albums hold up to 160 photos of sizes up to 4 x 6"
•Photo safe pages are Acid and PVC- free for quality and safety
•Clear and protective jacket to keep photos scratch free
•CD storage pocket for convenience

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Pic Quote of the Day (live to be 100)

Pic Quote of the Day (live to be 100)

I found this baby photo (18" X 24") laying on the concrete floor at an estate sale this weekend. The woman running the sale was not impressed with 'Baby" being of any value so she just chuckled and gave it to me for free. Free or not I think she's a cutey.

Sweet girl free for your art

Sweet girl free for your art

This photo from my personal collection. Feel free to use it in your artwork but is not to be sold in any form. I would love to see any art you make with this. Credit is always appreciated.

free baby photo

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Games For Baby Girls

games for baby girls

    baby girls
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games for baby girls - 12 pc

12 pc Girl Baby Shower Pink Pacifier Necklace Game

12 pc Girl Baby Shower Pink Pacifier Necklace Game

Pink Pacifier Necklaces. Use these pacifier necklaces to play the Pacifier Necklace Baby Shower Game. It?'s easy to play, just hand each guest one of these necklaces to wear during the shower and ask them to avoid saying the word ?"baby?". If they do, whoever catches them, gets to take their necklace. The guest with the most pacifier necklaces at the end of the game wins! Another version of this game is catching others crossing their legs, either version is fun! These pink necklaces come with a 2" pink plastic pacifier on a 30" nylon cord.

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Day 49- Baby Dippy

Day 49- Baby Dippy

My friend Jessica is pregnant and due any day now! I am supposed to do maternity pics for her VERY soon. We had a baby shower for her tonight so I took some pics of the decorations. The pic on the left is of all the pacifier necklaces that we used for the game where you can't say "baby" or the person's name who is pregnant. The whole thing was a lot of fun! I can't WAIT to do newborn pics!! :)

The Obsessive Gamer...(for girls too)

The Obsessive Gamer...(for girls too)

...never sleeps (its 1:30 am here right now, and we are playing with the Wii Mii thingy online)
She spent ages playing with this controller today. lol.

games for baby girls

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